5 tips for removing pimples

5 tips for removing pimples

1. Wash your face thrice or more in a day using warm water. Pimples are caused by bacteria. Washing your face with warm water is the best way to minimize the activity of bacteria. It also cleans the dust and sweat accumulated in the pores of your skin. This will reduce the bacteria and heat that cause pimples. Getting a vapor treatment for your skin once or twice in a week is also advisable.

2. Use a pure antiseptic soap or cleansing agent. Use creams and soaps that contain minimum cosmetic agents like bleaching chemicals or aromatic elements. All the topical applications you use on your skin should only contain gentle antiseptic agents and minimum additives. Use creams having pure cream base like petroleum jelly. Consulting a skin specialist in this context would be a wise move. He can examine your skin and prescribe creams or lotions suitable for your skin type.

3. Use natural face packs or homemade face packs with herbs and natural ingredients. Pure turmeric paste mixed with milk can be an excellent pack for your weekly facial. Dried and powdered orange peel when mixed with water and few drops of lemon can be an excellent treatment for oily and pimply skin. All these facials should be cleansed off within 15 minutes. You can increase the timing to 30 minutes if the initial results are good.

4. Drink lots of water. Water is essential for keeping your skin well hydrated. This reduces the growth of pimples.

5. Eating a healthy diet can help you in avoiding pimples to a great extent. Avoid food items that will cause excessive heat generation in your body. Avoid foodstuffs containing oil, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, chilly, spices and preservatives. Avoid mangoes and poultry products. They increase the heat levels in your body.

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